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NLP Conference
NLP Conference

Welcome to the Mini NLP Conference. The Mini NLP Conference is an initiative of a couple of NLP trainers to bring you extraordinary topics in NLP.  NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP can be explained in one sentence: NLP teaches you to optimally run your brain (Neuro) through the use of language (Linguistic) and smart strategies for a better life (Programming). NLP is a way to elegantly map successful human behaviours.  At the Mini NLP Conference we want to bring you some of the more extraordinary mappings that are being used in modern NLP today.

Three different approaches at the NLP Conference

What is different from how NLP is normally taught is that we make a distinction between three different approaches to NLP:

  1. Practical NLP is NLP that you can use for yourself or to help others. This applies to almost all of the NLP as it is known and taught. It is the main reason that NLP has become so popular and has reached millions of people in only four decades. NLP delivers results. With NLP you learn how to feel good, neutralise bad past experiences, take worries about the future away and replace them with a future scenario that gives confidence, success and peace of mind; and you learn to think constructively rather than negatively.
  2. Spiritual NLP: many of the NLP techniques that make NLP so practical have been acquired from people who had discovered these wonderful strategies for a better life on their spiritual journey. For that reason Spiritual NLP takes another look at the transpersonal in a different way than a traditional spiritual school of thought. As NLP practitioners we have only a limited interest in the content and explanations the spiritual schools of thought generate. We are primarily interested in the experiences that the practices of these schools bring forth. We recognise that people do have spiritual experiences, that the brain is capable of these experiences and that many spiritual practices have practical benefits. For that reason we bring you Spiritual NLP as a way to learn how NLP fast tracks these practices so you can have these special experiences for yourself.
  3. Mathematical NLP: finally, while we understand that NLP is all about the practical applications that enrich your life and the lives of others, we also find it important enough to give you a good grounding of why we do the things we do within NLP and the reason why we have developed a completely mathematical version of NLP. Mathematical NLP isn’t practical at all and is only useful as a reference guide to use in discussions with scientists and sceptics. Nevertheless it is good to have such a grounding together with the statistical underpinnings of the practical work we do. Mathematical NLP leads to a higher level of precision in the application of NLP, for instance in the case of language patterns and submodalities, this makes NLP even more effective.

On this website you can find the dates and programmes of the upcoming Mini NLP Conferences.  Also you can find all the details of the trainers. Finally there is a special section for other Licensed NLP Trainers™ who want to host their own Mini NLP Conference. Due to the modular system, the Mini NLP Conference combines very well with local organisations. So if you are a Licensed NLP trainer™ and consider hosting an Mini NLP Conference there is a lot of room for your input and sessions. This makes the Mini NLP Conference an ideal promotional tool for your own NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses.  Also offering follow up programmes for your existing base of NLP Master Practitioners that are looking for new and exciting NLP trainings.

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