Helping (Drug) Addicts with NLP

Helping Addicts With NLP
Helping Addicts With NLP

In this session you learn more about how to help addicts overcome their addiction with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  Helping addicts with NLP is a good idea, because addicts often have significant emotional problems in addition to their addiction. Often their addiction stems from an attempt to no longer need to feel the negative emotions.

In addition to the more standard support that NLP offers to addicts, there is a much more specific way that you can help addicts with NLP.  This session will be given by Frankie Sikes.  Frankie is an English Licensed NLP Trainer™ who has in the past fifteen years worked a lot with addicts and trains drugs counsellors to better understand what happens in the brain of an addict.

This session consists of two parts. In the first part you will learn more about how the brain works by using neurotransmitters and neuro-receptors in general.  Although the word “Neuro” state in NLP refers to the brain, most NLP practitioners know little about how the brain works. Hence, this is a good start. After that, the workshop will focus specifically on how stimulants work in the brain. There is great detail on the effects of alchohol, hard and soft drugs. The combination of these two makes it clear to the participants as an NLP coach or as a concerned parent or friend, are just as active as the majority of psycho-stimulants. That is to say that they have an influence on the state of mind of the addict!

It is precisely this effect that is used in the second part of the session to show how you can help addicts with NLP.  You learn how to use the NLP Fast Forwarding technique that breaks the addiction pattern and replaces it with better behaviour. This better behaviour then exists for a large part of the motivation to stay away from addictive substances and have the willpower to not drink alcohol, take hard or soft drugs.  Once you’ve learned how to break the addictive behaviour, the next step is to learn how to use NLP to break the craving for drugs, alcohol or other stimulants.  This is done with a special variant of the spinning feeling technique. Finally, it is important that you use NLP to give people a new future that they see that they will still have a great life and also the gains if they stop using drugs and/or alcohol anymore. This you will learn by using the NLP Outframing technique.

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