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Seeing and Sensing Subtle energies

A different form of energy
A different form of energy

Many people who have a little NLP experience become curious about the outer reaches of our consciousness and how NLP can enable us to explore more of the subtle world around us.  This session will explore the representations and submodalities of subtle energies.  Learning to see and sense the subtle energies of crystals, plants, devas and through short meditation practices we can begin to explore together a world that many feel are just on the edge of their consciousness.

These practices are an introduction to the Spiritual path and are not an end in themselves but routes to expanding consciousness and connecting with the universe beyond the world of the personality we inhabit for most of our lives.  By beginning to connect with the less obvious aspects of the world beyond we can find more and more of who we truly are.  Join Kate on this introductory session to learn more.

Kate Benson is known for her work in Education and NLP but for the first time she will share some of her 22 years of experience as a member of a Western Mystery School, to begin your journey to bring balance and harmony to your own life.

More information on Altered States, Shamanic States and Basic Brain Exploration can be found here.

Energy is a vague concept. There is, of course, energy in material form, for example, gasoline. But there is also a kind of psychological energy. Sometimes people have less energy and at other times they have more energy. Usually it is difficult to put a finger on what is giving you little and sometimes a lot of energy. It gets even more interesting when you realise that there are people where it seems that they take your energy away and that there are people from whom you get energy. But it goes even further. Some locations, clothing or other objects feel well while others may feel less well.

During this session, Kate starts with how to perceive more of energy in a NLP way. What, for example are the submodalities of energy? (For non NLPers: submodalities are a part of NLP that you will learn that day).  In this session you will learn:

  • how to discover how you can give yourself more energy
  • how to feel the energy you of others
  • what do you notice the energy of places, objects and other non-living things.

Here is a audio-fragment of one of the NLP & energy meditations from this workshop:

The next edition is:

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