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NLP Magick
NLP Magick

When it comes to spirituality, often much attention is given to Eastern spirituality.  At the same time we have in the West a spiritual tradition that is millennia old.  At the core, NLP is a method to chart human behaviour. Usually NLP is used to identify (a) how to get people out of trouble, (b) become better communicators and (c) sales. What Licensed NLP Master Trainer™ Joost van der Leij has done is to translate all kinds of different development programs of many magickal societies into smart NLP.  In particular, this concerns the Tao, the Kabbalah and Yoga. That whole has become NLP Magick.

During this session you get the essence of NLP Magick. That is, you will learn how you will discover your true will on the basis of the tree of life from the Kabbalah and learn to activate the Kabbalistic energy centres in your body.  Within NLP Magick we don’t focus on what is “real”. Instead, what matters is that you get with NLP and hypnosis the special experiences spirituality has to offer. In this session you will learn:

  • how to discover your true will,
  • the four kinds of spirituality,
  • how to activate the five Kabbalistic energy centres in your body so you’re more yourself, communicate better, love more, be able to create more and stand with your feet on the ground.

More information can be found at our specialist website for NLP Magick.

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