The Neurogram®

The Neurogram
The Neurogram

One of the most controversial topics within NLP is personality. The Neurogram® is a system for personality typing in line with the core teachings of NLP.  This means that it is only about behaviour. Basically, there are nine sets of behaviours; NLPfied through NLP strategies, and it is highly probable that one of those sets of behaviour fits your behaviour much better than the other eight. In fact it is more of a matter of discovering that within the other eight sets of behaviours there is some behaviour that in your mind is simply so outrageous that you definitely wouldn’t do something like that. There is no need to recognise all of your own behaviours in the set that befits you the best.

Furthermore it is important that the model for personality is (a) dynamic so it shows what side of your character is acted out in your behaviour and (b) it doesn’t matter at what point in life you check what personality behaviour fits you best; the system always comes up with the same set of behaviours. The Neurogram® does exactly that, as one the very few if not the only system for personality behaviours.

In this session you will learn:

  1. how to discover your own set of personality behaviours
  2. how to recognise stress signals way before you feel stressed
  3. how to stop stress and move towards relaxation
  4. how to limit the amount of bad luck in your life and increase the amount of good luck
  5. how to recognize other people’s personality behaviours and how to use that knowledge to better deal with other people.

More information about the Neurogram® can be found at our specialist website: The Neurogram®

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