Branding, Marketing & Sales

A thriving business needs three things: branding, marketing  sales. The easiest way to explain these three is as follows:

  1. branding is about giving people the reason why they ought to buy with you;
  2. marketing is about finding enough information about your potential clients so that you are able to contact them;
  3. sales is asking for money or if you don’t like that definition you could euphemistically say that sales is about helping people to make great choices.

If a company fails at any of these three they make life unnecessarily difficult. For if there is no branding, you may have potential customers and you can ask them for money, but they won’t close the deal as you didn’t give them a reason why they ought to buy from you rather than from someone else. If there is no marketing  there are no potential clients to ask for money. And if there is no sales, no deals are closed.

To get your branding in order, all you have to do is to discover what your Brand Essence is. Your Brand Essence is a single positive feeling that authentically makes your heart tick. It is quite risky to just choose any feeling.  When as you go through the NLP strategy of discovering your Brand Essence you will often surprise yourself.

To get your marketing in order, all you have to learn are the best NLP strategies for (internet) marketing. Our NLP strategies have proven themselves in various countries, various companies (both business to business as well as business to consumer) and with various entrepreneurs.

Although nowadays a lot of the sales process is automated, done online and follows directly after marketing, most of the time there is a need for direct contact with the customer in the end phase. There are many NLP strategies that come in very handy in order to close a deal.

During the Branding, Marketing & Sales session you learn:

  • what is your Brand Essence;
  • how to grow your Brand Capital;
  • how to implement your Brand Essence in your communications;
  • how to capture a lot of leads in a short period of time;
  • how to convert leads into sales;
  • how to find the right market for you;
  • how to close deals;
  • how to deal with objections;
  • how to make sure that your get repeat business.

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