NLP and Motivational Interviewing

Licensed NLP Trainer Frankie Sikes
Licensed NLP Trainer Frankie Sikes

Motivational Interviewing is a way to super-charge someone’s motivation. This means asking the kind of questions that motivate the person. Motivational Interviewing is a widely accepted system for working with people seeking positive behaviour change. It has been shown to be particularly useful for addressing entrenched compulsions and addictions and is an approach that contains many useful strategies and insights that can enhance the knowledge and skills of NLP coaches.

In this workshop Frankie Sikes, a trainer in Motivational Interviewing and Licensed NLP Trainer™, teaches you how to integrated the Motivational Interviewing approach with NLP.

“As someone who has spent 17 years working in mainstream drug & alcohol services and has trained in hypnosis and NLP, I have long been using NLP to super-charge the work that I do. At the same time, as an appreciator of “what works”, I have found that there are also many useful understandings and skills in Motivational Interviewing that can be brought to NLP coaches who usually only do NLP. I find the two approaches complement each other very well”

Licensed NLP Trainer™ Frankie Sikes

Motivational Interviewing is about “preparing people for change and largely concerns itself with the work that goes into preparing the ground for interventions. This makes it an invaluable way of doing thorough set ups, the difference that makes the difference when it comes to making an effective intervention using NLP. For effective change to happen a person has to be prepared for change.Futhermore a NLP coaching session works better when it has the right set-up.

Enrolling a person’s motivation to change requires the practitioner to:

  1. Dialogue effectively with their sovereignty and personal power.
  2. Having a firm understanding about what motivation is.
  3. Be able to elicit motivation in the direction of positive change.

In this workshop you learn:

  • advanced rapport building;
  • nailing dilemmas;
  • understanding ambivalence and polarity responses;
  • what to do with polarity responses;
  • working with propulsion systems;
  • setting up states;
  • creating time lines of propulsion between these states.

Working with addictions and compulsions is challenging. This workshop combines NLP and Motivational Interviewing gets you the best of both worlds. As a result you are more effective and are better able to help the people you work with.

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