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NLP Conferences of Society of NLP Trainers
NLP Conferences of Society of NLP Trainers

The purpose of the Mini NLP Conference is to promote the extraordinary use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). If you are a Licensed NLP Trainer™ you are more than welcome to host an edition of the Mini NLP Conference. Hosting is done based on a shared risk/reward scheme. This basically means we split any losses or profits equally between all NLP Trainers participating and the organising institute on an equal share. Furthermore you get promotional support for course.

Due to the modular setup of the Mini NLP Conference you are wholeheartedly invited to either run a session as described here or add your own sessions. The Mini NLP Conference is an excellent way to promote your own NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses. Firstly, by the interest that the Mini NLP Conference generates. the Mini NLP Conference is an excellent way to connect with potential participants. What we have found out is that if you combine the specialist programmes for NLP Master Practitioners with your own NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses, this gives people another compelling reason to sign up for your wonderful courses. Finally, if you yourself use NLP in an extraordinary way, then we are more than happy to include you in our offerings and programmes.

There are three small limitations to this offer.  As we don’t want to get into a situation where we are competing with ourselves, we limit editions of the Mini NLP Conference in time and location, i.e. we can’t have two conferences in a short time span in roughly the same location. Furthermore, we have a very understandable preference to work with Licensed NLP Trainers™ who have actually participated in our specialisation programmes for NLP Master Practitioners. The reason is that those Licensed NLP Trainers™ have a way better understanding about what is happening in the other sessions besides their own.

Finally, even though we promote the extraordinary use of NLP, we do strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the Society of NLP®, including but not limited to the need for pure NLP. It is wrong to combine NLP with something else whilst disregarding the basic principles of NLP. Many human activities entail ideas or dogmas that run counter to the core teachings of NLP.  At the same time NLP is a general tool to map human behaviours.  In fact all human behaviour can be mapped with NLP.  Everything we do, has, in this way, been mapped with NLP.  Or to put it differently, everything we do is thoroughly NLPfied.  If you want to add to the programme something extraordinary, please make sure that it is not a one-on-one copy disregarding the core teachings of NLP, but is in fact NLPfied by extracting all the correct and useful strategies through NLP.

Marketing Services

When a Licensed NLP Trainer™ hosts an edition of the Mini NLP Conference, there are several options for further support in the marketing of the event. First of all you get “embed codes” for the biographies of the trainers. Furthermore we give you a written permission to use any of the free guides listed here. You can send these to your own mailing list or use them to get people to sign up for a free guide as long as you always add the line “Used with explicit written permission of the copyright holders”.

If you want you can translate one or more of the free guides. For a fee of 250,- euro ex. VAT we then create a PDF version in the layout as the original free guide. We will also link to your webpage and promote your translation on the international site.

In case you want us to set up marketing for you, we can run Google Adwords and Facebook campaigns for you. We charge a flat fee of 3,- euro per lead. You need to have an account with Aweber and provide us with the embed code of your sign up form. We will then create ad campaigns targeted towards your audience in terms of age, sex and/or geo-position. In our most recent campaign we set up for a third party, we got 82% retention rate for the first 10 messages, i.e. after sending signups 10 messages 82% of the signups were still want more messages.